Monday, May 23, 2011

Sights in Palanga

In my last blog post I presented a famous Lithuanian resort Palanga. Today I will describe most interesting sights you must see in Palanga.

Basanaviciaus street

Basanaviciaus street is the main pedestrian street in the centre of Palanga. In summer t is very crowded and noisy place with many restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs. In winter Basanaviciaus street is dead and most restaurants are closed.

Basanaviciaus street, Palanga

Botanical park and Amber museum

Batanical park in Palanga is very beautiful! It has many cute ponds with ducks and swans. You can also find a copy of Lourdes (a place where Virgin Mary appeared in France) in the park. In the centre of the park palace of Count Feliksas Tiskevicius is situated. It is surrounded by beautiful roses... The palace is also Amber museum which is really worth visiting!

Swans in botanical park, Palanga
Amber museum, Palanga

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Famous Lithuanian resort - Palanga

In this blog post I will tell you about famous Lithuanian resort near the Baltic Sea - Palanga. A few months ago I published photos of Palanga in winter.

Last weekend I visited Palanga again. It was an opening of summer season. The festival was not very successful because of typical Lithuanian weather: rainy, windy, +12 C…

Palanga in summer is a busy, crowded and noisy place. I am not a big fan of it… But it is much cheaper to spend holidays in Palanga than in other much more beautiful resort near the Baltic Sea – Nida. If you love to party, Palanga is for you! Otherwise, one or two days in Palanga is enough time to see it.

If you travel on a tight budget, I don’t recommend you to book a hotel in Palanga in advance. It is much cheaper to rent a room or a flat from grannies who will attack you when you get off the bus in Palanga :) They also stand near the road to Palanga with posters “Rooms for rent”. Don’t you ever believe when they say their houses are 100 meters away from the sea, they lie!

Grannies offer rooms for rent near Palanga

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sights in Kaunas (Part 2)

In my previous blog post I described a few most interesting sights in Kaunas. Today I will give you information and pictures of other interesting places in the city.

Laisves Avenue (Avenue of Freedom)
Laisves Avenue is the main pedestrian street in Kaunas. It connects new and old parts of the city. Laives aleja is a nice and lively street with many shops, reastaurants, casinos, nightclubs, museums etc. And the street has more than 500 lindens!
Laisves Avenue

Laisves Avenue

Kaunas funiculars
Kaunas has two functioning funiculars. It is the only city in Lithuania with this type of transport. Not many functioning funiculars are left in the world nowadays.
One funicular connects the old town and Aleksotas district. It takes people up the Aleksotas hill. Taking this funicular is very entertaining and you can see a wonderful panoramic view. Another funicular connects the centre of Kaunas and Zaliakalnis district. Zaliakalnis funicular is one of the oldest in Europe!

Funicular in Kaunas