Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 interesting facts about Lithuania

  1. In 14th century Lithuania was the biggest country in Europe: it included present territories of Belarus and Ukraine, part of Poland and part of Russia.
  2. Lithuania was the last country in Europe to become Christian in 1387.
  3. Lithuania organized a unique protest in 1989 August 23. Residents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia formed 600 km long row of people holding hands! This event showed the world that Baltic States want to be independent.
  4. Lithuania is the only country in the world having national perfume. “The Scent of Lithuania” is perfume for home. It holds the entire history of our nation…
  5. Lithuanian languages is the oldest living language of the Indo-European family.
  6. Lithuania is the oldest and the largest Baltic State.
  7. Lithuanians first in the world invented way to make vodka from corn.
  8. Lithuania is 1st in the world by the number of hot air balloons per resident.  And Vilnius is one of a few  European capital where you can fly with hot air balloons.
  9. Lithuania owns the world record of blondes. 1016 blond girls participated in the opening of night club in Lithuania.
  10. A Lithuanian company plans to set up a holiday island in the Maldives run entirely by blondes.


swamprollup said...

Hot air baloons!

Anonymous said...

yeah I heard about that pizza joint can can I think it's called.
What are the people in Lithuania saying about this??

Agne said...

CanCan is not my favorite pizzeria. I prefer Cili pica, but CanCan is a little cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Greatest amount of blonde girls? Funny : ) anyone can be blonde with few eur really ; ) true blondes are somewhere else babe

Anonymous said...

You had me at the blondes.

Gregory A. Lewis said...

Makes me proud to be of Lithuanian descent!

Andy said...

The largest country in Europe? The most blondes?? Two interesting facts I did not know. Cheers for sharing knowledge.