Friday, March 18, 2011

Lithuania is leading!

In this blog post I will give you some interesting facts about Lithuania leading in the world or in Europe! Lithuania is the best!
  1. Lithuania is among the leaders in European Union (EU) by the growth of export. It is predicted that Lithuania will have the highest GDP growth in EU in the nearest future.
  2. The percentage of residents owning their home (not renting or having loans) in Lithuania is the highest in EU.
  3. Lithuania is the leader in EU by using money of EU structural funds. Lithuania got 7,9% of all EU structural funds’ money for 2007-2013.
  4. Lithuania is the leader in world’s laser industry.
  5. Waters in Lithuanian lakes, rivers and the seaside 100% comply with safety requirements and are suitable for swimming. Waters in Lithuania are one of the clearest in Europe.
  6. Air in Lithuanian capital Vilnius is clearest among all European capitals.
  7. The strongest man on the planet is Lithuanian Zydrunas Savickas.
  8. Lithuania is among countries having the fastest Internet connection in the world. Lithuania is 1st by speed of uploading and 4th by speed of downloading in the world.
  9. Lithuania develops next-generation Internet access technologies at the fastest rate in Europe and is the 5th in the world. Fiber-optic Internet access is used by approximately 21% households in the country. Lithuania is about two times ahead of Sweden, Norway and Slovenia.
  10. Lithuania is the 1st in the world by the number of cellphones for 100 residents. The number of mobile connection subscribers for 100 residents in Lithuania is 138,1.


alma said...

Cool facts, puts me in optimistic mood!

Agne said...

In order to stay optimistic don't read my upcoming blog post :) I have some sad facts about Lithuania too...