Monday, March 21, 2011

Statistics about sad reality in Lithuania

In my last blog post I gave you some facts and numbers about Lithuania being a leader. Readers thanked me for being so optimistic and for posting something positive about Lithuania. But truth is that when I did my research I found more negative than positive statistics. So today I will give 10 facts illustrating the sad reality in Lithuania.

  1. Lithuania is the first in EU (European Union) by the numbers of emigration.
  2. In the beginning of 2010 Lithuania was last among 52 countries by The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index (the index is calculated considering residents thinking about job and personal finance perspectives in 12 upcoming months, also residents opinion if now is a good time to buy). At the end of 2010 Lithuania rose to 47th place.
  3. During the economic crisis in Lithuania wages and loan portfolio decreased more than in any other EU country.
  4. Forbes announced that Lithuania is 8th country in the world which suffered from economic crisis most. In 2009 GDP in Lithuania decreased 4 times more than the average decrease rate of new EU members.
  5. Lithuanians are first in the world by worrying about rising prices of utilities (electricity, gas, heating). This concerns 20% of Lithuanians. The average of the world is 7%.
  6. Average Lithuanian spends 51% of his expenses for necessities and food. It is 285 euros a month. The average of EU resident’s expenses for food and necessities is 327 euros a month. So Lithuanians have one of the lowest wages in Europe, but expenses are almost as high as average European’s. Some sources say that even British, Dutchmen and Germans spend less on necessities!
  7. Lithuania is the most corrupt country in EU. In 2010 34% of Lithuanians said they had bribed someone during the lats year. 2/3 of Lithuanians think the level of corruption rose during the last 3 years. 78% of Lithuanians believe that government’s efforts to fight corruption are not effective.
  8. Lithuanians donate to charity less in the world. Only 4% of Lithuanians have donated money to charity. Even poorest African countries have higher rate.
  9. By the number of divorces Lithuania is 1st in EU: 3,2 divorces for 1000 residents. The average in EU is 2,1 divorces for 1000 residents.
  10. Lithuania is in 51st place in the survey about taxes for business. In Lithuania business has to pay 12 taxes in a year, it takes 166 hours (21 days). Burden of taxation is 42,7% (I couldn’t decide if this is positive or negative).


Anonymous said...

Yeah, add more statistics! Just in case wikipedia is down.

Agne said...

I have more statistics. Follow my blog ;)

Jim T, Show-Me State said...

Don't feel so bad. The same bad things are happening in the United States.

Agne said...

In Lithuania we have a saying: everywhere is good where we are not present ;)

Anonymous said...

hey I just got back from vilnius.
I'm wondering how lithuanians can afford to live with the prices??
For a Canadian sure the restaurants, movies, accomodation is half the price vs Canadian prices. but for everything else. clothing, electronics,food @ iki & rimi stores is very similar to Canada. So how do u guys do it??

or is it just the upper class people shopping & acropolis & Ozas.
It's like a bottle of perfume is 20% of an average monthly wage? or a night in Aqua Park hotel druskininki( which by the way is a great resort spa town)

Agne said...

Good question from Canadian! :)
So how we survive with our wages?
First of all, many people in Lithuania have some illegal income. It is quite usual that employers pays minimal wage officially and also gives some money without paying taxes to government. So I believe that about 50% of working residents in Lithuania earn more than it is officially declared.
Akropolis is popular among middle class people.
Prices of clothing in shops are very high for Lithuanians. So we buy in second hand stores or wait for sales. Those who travel a lot shop abroad.
About electronics and perfume. We just don't buy many of that :) We are used to buy only things we really need.
But basically you are right, it is almost impossible to survive :) The rates of emigration and numbers of suicides perfectly illustrates situation...

AmateurInvestor said...

Hi nice blog :-)

Bit shocked on the bribery figures, am I correct in assuming that this is probably mostly to police to avoid speeding tickets etc?

Agne said...

Not only to police... Healthcare, bureaucrats too.