Monday, May 23, 2011

Sights in Palanga

In my last blog post I presented a famous Lithuanian resort Palanga. Today I will describe most interesting sights you must see in Palanga.

Basanaviciaus street

Basanaviciaus street is the main pedestrian street in the centre of Palanga. In summer t is very crowded and noisy place with many restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs. In winter Basanaviciaus street is dead and most restaurants are closed.

Basanaviciaus street, Palanga

Botanical park and Amber museum

Batanical park in Palanga is very beautiful! It has many cute ponds with ducks and swans. You can also find a copy of Lourdes (a place where Virgin Mary appeared in France) in the park. In the centre of the park palace of Count Feliksas Tiskevicius is situated. It is surrounded by beautiful roses... The palace is also Amber museum which is really worth visiting!

Swans in botanical park, Palanga
Amber museum, Palanga

Birute’s hill

Birute’s hill is a relict dune where pagan sanctuary and observatory were situated in the past. Climb stairs up the hill and you will see a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea.

Birute's Hill, Palanga

Pier of Palanga

Pier is the most important symbol of Palanga. Its length is 470 meters. The view of the sea, beaches and dunes from the pier is fantastic!

Pier in Palanga


It is a nice tradition to watch sunset on the beach of Palanga. On evenings everyone goes to the beach to look at the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Every day the sea is different, the sky is different, so the sunset is unique too…

Sunset in Palanga

Sunset in Palanga


Anonymous said...

It's weird because I was there last August & the weather was too cold to be swimming. Some people were in the water but not many.

Agne said...

Weather in Lithuania is unpredictable ;)