Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Famous Lithuanian resort - Palanga

In this blog post I will tell you about famous Lithuanian resort near the Baltic Sea - Palanga. A few months ago I published photos of Palanga in winter.

Last weekend I visited Palanga again. It was an opening of summer season. The festival was not very successful because of typical Lithuanian weather: rainy, windy, +12 C…

Palanga in summer is a busy, crowded and noisy place. I am not a big fan of it… But it is much cheaper to spend holidays in Palanga than in other much more beautiful resort near the Baltic Sea – Nida. If you love to party, Palanga is for you! Otherwise, one or two days in Palanga is enough time to see it.

If you travel on a tight budget, I don’t recommend you to book a hotel in Palanga in advance. It is much cheaper to rent a room or a flat from grannies who will attack you when you get off the bus in Palanga :) They also stand near the road to Palanga with posters “Rooms for rent”. Don’t you ever believe when they say their houses are 100 meters away from the sea, they lie!

Grannies offer rooms for rent near Palanga

However grannies actively offer rooms for rent only in summer season, I cannot guarantee that you see them if you come in other seasons.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, I can recommend a mini hotel I stayed in last weekend. It is probably the cheapest hotel in the city. The location is perfect, just a few minutes on foot from the bus station. Rooms are simple, but clean. The owner is very nice and friendly.

About 10 years ago popular Lithuanian band created a song about Palanga. It is a very good parody of this famous Lithuanian resort and it perfectly reflects the mood of Palanga.

Here is the translation of lyrics:

"Friday afternoon 3:40 PM we are running on a highway, our speed is 190 km/hour. Police stops us, we give them CD. When we hit the road again we see them nodding to the beat. We stop in Kryzkalnis, eat hotdogs, one by one we go to pee in the forest. Two girls are trying to get a ride near Klaipeda, but no one stops because they are not beautiful.

I love the sea, I love the stars. Maybe this night we will visit them together.

500 grannies offer their flats for rent. “100 m from the sea” – they all lie. I can see the cross of the church of Palanga, I am ready to party for three days. Basanaviciaus street sounds with Russian music, fat ladies demonstrate fashion of Warsaw. Exclusive comfort waits for you near the sea, no place even to spit – that’s our resort!

We burn our backs, get off mats and we go to the town satisfied with the beach. We watch sunset and go to café to meet the waitress. And at 5 AM everyone is drunk. Here is 15 years old boy laying in the plash. Everytime I go to Palanga, I know it will be the same, but it is the best rest anyone can find.

Grannies’ Palanga…"


Anonymous said...

Hello great blog.
I just got back from Lithuania a few days ago & had fantastic weather. It was +23 - +27 the 4 days I was there. I guess the weather in Lithunaia is very unpredictable.

Agne said...

You are so lucky! The weather is really very unpredictable!

pimalai said...

Admittedly, I don't know much about Lithuania. However, after reading this and seeing that video, I now have the urge to visit as soon as I can.