Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prices in Lithuania

In this blog post I will give you some information about prices in Lithuania. I hope this information will help you to plan how much money you need if you are coming to Lithuania.

Prices in Lithuania probably won’t scare you if you live in mega city of the Western Europe. But still Lithuania is not so cheap as you could expect for Eastern Europe.

What is relatively cheap in Lithuania (compared to cities of Western Europe)? Public transportation, food in restaurants and cafes… I can’t think of anything else.

What is expensive in Lithuania? Food in supermarkets, clothes and shoes, electronic products, books, utilities (especially heating). Most of these goods and services in Lithuania cost the same or even more than in London, Berlin, Paris… For example, my family in winter pays about 400-500 LTL every month for heating (we live in a flat of 3 rooms). But our wages are really different from residents of the Western Europe.

Before I give you information about prices, I want to introduce you what are wages and pensions in Lithuania. You have to understand that we, Lithuanians, have reasons to whine how hard life in Lithuania is…

1 LTL = 0,29 EUR = 0,40 USD

Minimal monthly wage in Lithuania: 670 LTL (net)
Average monthly wage in Lithuania: 1500-1600 LTL (net)
Maximal monthly unemployment benefit paid by government (maximal period of payment is 6 months): 650 LTL
Average monthly retirement pension: 750 LTL

Prices of food:

Pork – 10-17 LTL/kg
Beef – 16-24 LTL/kg
Sausage – 10-47 LTL/kg
Chicken – 7-16 LTL/kg
Eggs (10) – 4-5 LTL
Flour – 2,50-3,30 LTL/kg
Bread – 4-8 LTL/kg
Rice – 7-7,50 LTL/kg
Spaghetti – 5 LTL/kg
Buckwheat – 8-10 LTL/kg
Milk – 2,40-3 LTL/l
Yogurt – 6-12 LTL/kg
Butter – 4-5 LTL/200g
Cheese – 20-35 LTL/kg
Sugar – 3,30-4,00 LTL/kg
Potatoes – 1,80-2,10 LTL/kg
Tomatoes – 5-7 LTL/kg
Apples – 3-6 LTL/kg
Bananas – 5-6 LTL/kg

Food prices in Lithuania are rising more rapidly than in most of the EU countries.

Public transportation prices:

Bus ticket in Vilnius – 2-2,50 LTL
Bus or train ticket from Vilnius to Klaipeda 50-70 LTL, from Vilnius to Kaunas – 15-20 LTL.
Taxi – 1,20-2,50 LTL/km

Dinner at restaurant – 20-80 LTL

Hotels in Vilnius (a room for 2 people): 

2* - 80-130 LTL
3* - 100-240 LTL
4* - 150-700 LTL
5* - 230-800 LTL

Hostels: beds from 30 LTL

If you have any questions about prices in Lithuania, write a comment, I will try to help you ;)


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!

Just a few questions on prices.

Is the 20-80 litas for dinner for one person or two?

How much for entertainment( movies, skating,bowling, sporting events etc...)

What about tipping. How much??

One last thing. How much does an average wedding cost?


Agne said...

Dinner for one person.

Movies: 12-22 LTL for 1 ticket.
Skating: 7-15 LTL.
Bowling: 5-50 LTL for 1 bowling lane for 1 hour.
Prices of sporting events vary a lot. It can be a few litas or a few hundred...

Tipping: 5-10%

Average wedding cost about 10,000-20,000 LTL.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info

Agne said...

Your welcome ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey one more thing.

How large are Lithunaian weddings?

Agne said...

It depends how rich they are :) May be 20 people, may be 200 :)

Anonymous said...

Are the prices in Lithuania Cheaper then the other Baltic States or even Poland?

Agne said...

Prices in all these countries are not very different.

Anonymous said...

Puikus blogas, Agne!

Agne said...

Thanks, Ieva. Please comment in English! ;)

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