Friday, February 25, 2011

Cheap flights to Lithuania

For a few years situation with cheap flights to Lithuania was really bad. At the moment we don’t have any cheap flights to the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. Two Lithuanian companies flying from Vilnius airport bankrupted in recent years. Cheap flights company Ryanair flies only to Kaunas (second biggest city of Lithuania, about 100 kilometers from Vilnius). But this situation will finally change! This spring new cheap flights company Wizzair comes to Lithuania and will be flying to Vilnius. Ryanair got scared of the competition and soon will also start flights to Vilnius. It’s great news for Lithuania! Finally Vilnius will be easy reachable by plane.

In this blog post I will give you information about cheap flights to Lithuania: from which cities you can fly cheap to Lithuania and how much it costs (one way).

Flights to Vilnius with Wizzair. 

Wizzair will start flights to Vilnius in April 2011. I checked prices on February 25, 2011. Given prices are for flights in April – October, 2011:

Barcelona – Vilnius. Monday, Friday. 30-150 EUR.
Cork – Vilnius. Tuesday, Saturday. 30-150 EUR.
Doncaster/Sheffield – Vilnius. Sunday, Wednesday. 17-68 GBP.
Eindhoven – Vilnius. Monday, Friday. 20-100 EUR.
London Luton – Vilnius. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 17-127 GBP.
Milan Bergamo – Vilnius. Sunday, Wednesday. 20-80 EUR.
Rome Fiumicino – Vilnius. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 30-100 EUR.
Stockholm Skavsta - Vilnius. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 99-400 SEK.

Flights to Vilnius with Ryanair 

Ryanair will start flights to Vilnius in May 2011. I checked prices on February 25, 2011. Given prices are for flights in May – October, 2011:

Dublin – Vilnius. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 30-60 EUR.
Girona (Barcelona) – Vilnius. Tuesday, Saturday. 40-160 EUR.
London Stansted – Vilnius. Every day. 15-45 GBP.
Milan (Bergamo) – Vilnius. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 20-37 EUR.
Rome (Ciampino) – Vilnius. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 13-37 EUR.

Flights to Kaunas with Ryanair 

I checked prices on February 25, 2011. Given prices are for flights in April – October, 2011:

Alicante – Kaunas. Monday, Friday. 25-130 EUR.
Birmingham – Kaunas. Sunday, Wednesday. 25-40 GBP.
Bristol – Kaunas. Monday, Friday. 25-40 GBP.
Brussels (Charleroi) – Kaunas. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 13-60 EUR.
Dublin – Kaunas. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 30-115 EUR.
Edinburg – Kaunas. Sunday, Thursday. 11-40 GBP.
Frankfurt-Hahn – Kaunas. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 13-40 EUR.
Girona (Barcelona) – Kaunas. Tuesday, Saturday. 25-55 EUR. (No flights from May, 2011)
Gothenburg City – Kaunas. Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. 62-379 SEK.
Kos – Kaunas. Monday, Saturday. 32-80 EUR.
Liverpool – Kaunas. Sunday, Wednesday. 17-55 GBP.
London-Gatwick – Kaunas. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 22-60 GBP.
London (Luton) – Kaunas. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 30-45 GBP.
London-Stansted – Kaunas. Every day. 30-45 GBP.
Milan (Bergamo) – Kaunas. Monday, Friday. 27-37 EUR. (No flights from May, 2011)
Oslo (Rygge) – Kaunas. Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. 56-519 NOK.
Paris Beauvais – Kaunas. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 20-80 EUR.
Rhodes – Kaunas. Tuesday, Saturday. 32-80 EUR.
Stockholm Skavsta – Kaunas. Thursday, Saturday. 62-239 SEK.
Tampere – Kaunas. Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. 7-80 EUR.

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