Friday, July 1, 2011

Klaipeda (part 2): sights you must see!

In my last blog post I presented you 3rd largest city in Lithuania – Klaipeda. In this blog post I present you most interesting sights in Klaipeda.

Klaipeda old town

The old town of Klaipeda is small but very cozy and very beautiful. It is very different from other Lithuanian towns because Klaipeda was a part of Prussia and German at the times the old town was built.

You have to visit so called “crafts yard”. This place is the heart of Klaipeda cultural life. Building complex was built in 18th century. It is very unique for Baltic States. The address is Darzu st. 10/Baznyciu st. 4.

Theater square

Theater square is the heart of the city. There is a fountain and a sculpture of Ann from Tharau in the square.

Dane quay and sailing vessel Meridianas

If you walk along the river Dane you will see the sailing vessel Meridianas. It is a famous symbol of Klaipeda. 

Klaipeda University building complex

Neo-gothic style building complex of Klaipeda University for many years was used as barracks for the soldiers! It is really very impressive building complex, just look at the picture.

Lithuanian sea museum

Visiting Lithuanian sea museum is a must in Klaipeda! You can see fishes, penguins and seals in the aquarium. Also visit the dolphinarium and see the wonderful show of dolphins. Dolphinarium is closed for reconstruction until May 2012. Maritime exposition is also very interesting. They have real ships you can get into.

I described just a few of interesting sights in Klaipeda. If you have time you should see much more. But if you are in Klaipeda just for one day these are the sights I strongly recommend to visit!


Anonymous said...

I'm a girl from Klaipėda and sadly I have to say that there is no restaurant in Meridianas anymore. There used to be one when I was like 6 years old.

Agne said...

Thanks you for information, Ieva ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks very clean, chilly and Hanseatic indeed.
Are there any beaches to recommend?
Palanga not to count)

Anonymous said...

"...Are there any beaches to recommend?..."

Smiltynė and Melnragė I or/and Melnragė II. There is nothing more to recommend, choose any from these 3.

Anonymous said...

nice site, although it would be good idea to improve english text