Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Festival "Summer of Naisiai"

Last weekend I visited my grandparents. They live in a small town near Siauliai called Naisiai.

In Naisiai

Cherries in Naisiai

Sunset in Naisiai

Sunset in Naisiai

A few years ago Naisiai was one of hundreds small towns in Lithuania no one knew. Naisiai was just a cozy village with about 600 residents. When I was a child I spent great summers there. Naisiai was always special because people there were very active, friendly and hard-working.

A few years ago Naisiai became famous in Lithuania! Rich farmer from Naisiai and the member of Lithuanian Parliament Ramunas Karbauskis had an idea – to make TV series “Summer of Naisiai”. Now “Summer of Naisiai” is on TV for 2 years and it is one of the most popular Lithuanian TV series. Now everybody in Lithuania knows the name of Naisiai! Moreover, you can buy milk, butter and cheese called “Summer of Naisiai” all around Lithuania! And you can watch the life of storks in Naisiai online 24/7! And there is a modern paintball center in Naisiai.

Storks in Naisiai

Last weekend Naisiai had festival “Summer of Naisiai” for the second time. It was amazing. I spend two days in a festival and was not bored at all! They had all kinds of entertainment: sports, concerts, games, dances, exhibitions, fireworks etc. Interesting fact: visitors of the festival were not allowed to drink alcohol. It was not sold in the festival and in all nearby shops! It was probably the most sober festival I have ever seen!

Storks in the festival
The town of Middle Ages

Riding horses

The exhibition of agricultural machinery
Unlucky farmer - his vegetables grow almost in the territory of the festival
Football. Lithuanian celebrities vs local team
The fight of knights

Visitors of festival
Guests from Latvia

Locals dance with guests from Karelia
Beach volleyball

I believe the community of Naisiai is an example for everyone. They managed to organize such a huge festival with so many celebrities in such a small town! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful nature) Bull seems to be posing into a a camera)

Andriy Rukas said...

Wow! Another your post, and another discovery for me! What a nature! What a spirit!