Thursday, March 3, 2011

Panevezys - city of EuroBasket 2011 group matches

Panevezys is one of the cities in Lithuania where matches of EuroBasket 2011 will take place. Panevezys is situated in the north of Lithuania on the river Nevezis. Its history started in 16th century.  

It is the 5th largest city of Lithuania with 110,000 residents.

Panevezys is definitely not the most interesting place in Lithuania. This city is not popular among tourists, because it is not very beautiful. In official website of Panevezys they present the city as the greenest city of Lithuania, but I see Panevezys mostly like industrial city. It is the most Lithuanian city in the country. 96% of residents are Lithuanian.

The Old River Bed (Senvage) is considered the symbol of Panevezys and is a famous place for leisure time and festivals. There are some museums and churches in Panevezys, but they are not very special.

Panevezys is famous for its narrow gauge railway (siaurukas) to Anyksciai. It is a unique open air museum, which celebrated its 111th anniversary this year. Narrow gauge railway is used to carry passengers now. It is a unique object of engineering heritage. I know that they sometimes have fun attractions for tourists. For example, the robbers stop the train and rob passengers :)

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