Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EuroBasket 2011 is over

The basketball event in Lithuania is over. For Lithuanian team it was over earlier than anyone expected. Sad.

Lithuanian team after losing to Macedonia

But it’s time to move on. We had a really great time here in Lithuania during EuroBasket 2011. Basketball was our life. I know that guests and basketball players from other countries were quite happy about the organization of the event. It’s a relief… The only ones disappointed were Lithuanian businessmen. Not so many fans as expected came to Lithuania. And those who came were not willing to pay cosmic prices for hotels, beer and food. It’s a good lesson for Lithuanians: maybe basketball is a religion in Lithuania, but in some countries people don’t even know about EuroBasket.

My sincere congratulations to Macedonian team! Although they were the ones that took away Lithuanians chances to fight for medals, we in Lithuania are not angry at them at all! We respect Macedonian team, because they were the heroes of EuroBasket 2011. It’s not important that they did not win medal, they showed the world what a small nations can do with lots of passion. And they made their nation proud.

Macedonian team celebrates after winning against Lithuanians

Life in Lithuania is coming back to normal now. People take off flags from their cars. Leaves on the trees are becoming yellow and red. Just another autumn has begun…


Alexander Lima said...

Sadly EuroBasket isn't even known outside Europe at all. I have heard about it once on ESPN.
The same thing about sports happens here in Brazil, but people here 'live for soccer' (I'm an exception), they suddenly become patriots during FIFA World Cup then after it, losing or not, they jsut forget about how to honor their own country, I guess it's the only season when people remember how to sing the Brazilian anthem. I somehow dislike this cultural behavior, because people here care more about a soccer game than with all corruption in the government.

MarĂ­lia said...

That's funny, because I'm from Brazil just like Alexander Lima above, but I've heard about EuroBasket and I was supporting so much Lithuania. I know the passion that Lithuanians have for basketball, and I don't think it's like Brazilians to soccer.
But, anyway, Macedonia did played very well and they were a big surprise in the tournament. Too bad it ended.

Alexander Lima said...

Oh, I don't watch TV too much so that might be the reason about my lack of information. :D
My friends from Kaunas told me some details about that game against Macedonia, that's really sad, it reminds me of '98 World Cup when Brazil lost to France in the finals.
Well, at least here in Rio de Janeiro, that soccer patriotism thing is kinda common. Sorry, I generalized too much in my last comment. :p

Tyler Paduraru said...

The games may be over, but my apartment will still be filled with tacky souvenirs LOL.

I opened up a box yesterday, and I found inside a scratch prize card from the pizza place in the cinema place across the river (no idea what it's called). Apparently I won a prize. Damn need to return to Canada !!

Anyways, I had a long conversation with my girlfriend's parents about the meaning of basketball to Lithuanians. They said it had something to do with national pride vis a vis the Russkis.

What do you think? I'm curious to understand this phenomenon. ;-)

Agne said...

You are right about national pride and Russians. But this began a long time ago, so someone older could explain you better than I can :)
Lithuanians are good at basketball. I believe it is the main reason why basketball is so popular in Lithuania. It's unbelievable how good we are for such a small nation!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if there will be more blogs??

Tyler Paduraru said...

I hope you'll blog some more someday! I really enjoyed reading this.