Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tourist route of Neris left bank

Yesterday I had a wonderful bike tour in Neris Regional Park!

Neris Regional Park

If you want to see the beauty of Lithuanian nature, I recommend you to visit Neris Regional Park. If you are coming to Lithuania just for a few days, Neris Regional Park is not the top place you should see. But if you have time and love nature, you should visit it.

The river Neris

There a few tourist routes in Neris Regional Park. Yesterday I took the route of the left bank of Neris. I took a train from Vilnius to Lazdenai (32 km) and then I rode a bike. You can also take this tour by car.

The river Neris

Tourist route of the left Neris bank is circular, about 23 km long. It does not seem long, but if you want to see all the objects you need to plan to spend there all day. We had 4,5 hours and it was not enough!

The spring

So what is so special about this place? Beautiful nature, river and forests… It was calm. Not too much people. It is just calm, simple and beautiful. It is a great feeling to ride a bike along the bank of Neris.

The river Neris

My final advice: if you don’t know Lithuanian language, don’t go there alone! You can get lost. There are many direction indicators in the forest, but still not enough. And most information is in Lithuanian. I had printed the map of the route, it really helped me a lot. So print a map, take a bike, ask some Lithuanian friends to go with you and have a good time near the river Neris!

Neris Regional Park


Tyler Paduraru said...

Canadian who just returned from Lithuania. Spent three weeks there. Found you via twitter. Grinning at all the places I recognize in your pics. End of update. ;D

Andy said...

Looks like a nice place to take a hike. Thanks for sharing!