Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facts about suicides and crimes in Lithuania

Suicide in Lithuania is a huge problem. According to data from World Health Organization Lithuania is 1st in the world by the number of suicides. Total suicide rate per 100,000 people per year in Lithuania is 31,5 (58,5 for male and 8,8 for female). Suicide rate for men is the highest in the world in Lithuania, but by the number of women suicides Lithuania is in 11-12 place in the world.

Why Lithuanians commit suicides so often? Life is difficult in Lithuania: unemployment, alcoholism, poverty. Lithuanians also often have problems with mental health, but getting help is not easy. It is still considered a shame to go to psychiatrist or psychologist in Lithuania. Most people with mental health problems need long term psychotherapy. Lithuanian health care system does not provide it for free. And average Lithuanian cannot pay for therapy, because it is very expensive compared to our income.

But situation is getting better in Lithuania: In 2005 Lithuania had 38,6 suicides for 100,000 residents and in 2009 the number decreased to 31,5.

Lithuania had relatively highest rate of murders in  EU (European Union) during 2002-2008 (8,76 murders for 100,000 residents in this period). But the number of violent crimes in Lithuania decreased during 2002-2008, while in some Western European countries number of violent crimes increased. If you are planning to visit Lithuania don’t get scared by this statistics. Most murders are committed by drunk people and most often their relatives or friends are killed. So it is not likely that you will be killed walking in  the streets :) 

Lithuania has relatively highest rate of accidents at work in EU.

Lithuania is 1st in Europe by the number of thefts from cars.

Lithuania has the highest car accidents caused by drunk drivers rate in EU .


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The root cause of these problems in Lithuania is it's weak economy. Fix the economy and these suicide and crime rates will go down.