Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Palanga in winter

Today I will tell you about famous Lithuanian resort Palanga. It is a town near the Baltic Sea. In summer it is crowded! I don’t like it in summer… Crowded beaches, cold water in the sea and Russian music… If you love to party you probably will like Palanga in summer. If you look for quiet relaxation, you should visit Palanga in winter.

I was in Palanga a few times in winter. It was great! Of course it is cold. Very cold sometimes… But if the days are sunny and the wind is not too strong, the weather is quite pleasant. The town in winter seams asleep. Many cafes and restaurants are closed, you probably won’t find much to do in evenings.

The seaside of the Baltic Sea is very beautiful in winter. Ice and snow near the shore sometimes looks like small icebergs. I remember once I went to the seaside at night. I was completely alone there. It was so magic... I felt like I was on the Moon when I walked on snowdrifts and ice. It’s hard to express this feeling, you have to experience it yourself.

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