Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lithuania has new basketball hymn for EuroBasket 2011

The festival of EuroBasket 2011 has started in Lithuania! On Sunday night we chose new basketball hymn of Lithuania! Do national teams in your country have hymns? Well, we win often, so we have to sing something when we celebrate…
On the live broadcast 10 contestants presented their songs. The commission and the viewers both voted for the song “Krepsinio himnas” (“Basketball hymn”). The authors and singers of this song are Marijus Mikutavicius, Mia and Mantas.

First time I heard this song I was skeptical about it. Actually, I was skeptical about all attempts to create special songs for EuroBasket 2011, because we had a hymn that we all loved before. The song “Trys milijonai” (“Three millions”) was unofficial hymn of Lithuania for many years. And I didn’t believe that it’s possible to create something to replace it. But the more I listen to “Krepsinio himnas”, the more I like it. So I believe this new song will be accepted and loved by Lithuanians. You will hear us singing it when Lithuanian basketball team will triumph in EuroBasket 2011.
The short translation of “Krepsinio himnas”:
“Fans are not silent anymore and balls are not asleep. We and you have to go there together. Big halls full of kings and giants, we together go there again…”

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