Monday, January 31, 2011

Public transport in Vilnius

Today I will give you some information about public transport in Vilnius: schedules, prices, routes.
There are three kinds of public transport in Vilnius:



Tickets and schedules of buses and trolleybuses
Tickets for buses and trolleybuses are the same. You can buy them at kiosks. One ticket can be used for one ride and it costs 2 Litas (the price does not depend on route or time of your ride). You can also buy tickets from drivers, but they cost more – 2,5 Litas.
Enter buses and trolleybuses trough the front door and mark the ticket immediately .
You can also buy tickets for a month, for a day (13 Litas), three days (23 Litas), ten days (46 Litas).
The schedules of buses and trolleybuses are here. It’s in Lithuanian, but I can explain. Autobusai means buses, troleibusai means trolleybuses, darbo diena – weekday, sestadienis – Saturday, sekmadienis ir sventine diena – Sunday and holidays.
If you look at descriptions of routes it usually indicates streets or districts of Vilnius. A few words you should know: stotis means bus and train station, oro uostas means airport.
Buses 05 and 062 are private! You cannot use ticket you bought at kiosks. Tickets for private buses are sold in the buses.  They cost 2 Litas. You don’t have to pay to the driver, just sit down when you enter a private bus and a seller of tickets will come to you.

I would recommend you to ride minibuses in Vilnius instead of buses and trolleybuses. I ride minibuses myself because they are much faster, not so crowded and with less smelly people. Ticket for minibus costs 3 Litas. You have to pay to the driver.
But the problem is that schedules of minibuses are not written anywhere and there is no information about minibuses in public transport stops. My advice for you is to ask someone about what minibus you need. Ask young people, because elderly do not speak English well.
I found some information about the routes of minibuses here The numbers in this site are written like Nr.M2-1, but it means that you need minibus number 1.
If you see minibus and want it to stop, raise your hand. If you want to get off minibus ask driver to stop because he does not stop in every public transport stop, just when somebody asks.
If you need more detailed information, write a comment, I will try to answer.


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