Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is Lithuania a safe country to travel?

Yes, Lithuania is relatively safe. Such crimes as pick-pocketing, thefts and robberies do happen, but if you stay watchful, you should be safe. If you don’t know anything about Lithuania and you think that it is a third world country where people are kidnapped in the streets, I can assure you that it’s not true!
Before I started writing this blog post I had checked what Wikitravel says about safety in Lithuania. Some advices made me laugh! So I want to give you some comments about Wikitravel tips:
  • “Avoid Gypsies” – It sounds like there are mobs of Gypsies walking in the streets in Lithuania. It is not true! If you won’t go to Gypsies district (God help you, if you do…) and won’t walk at night in Kalvariju street in Vilnius, you probably won’t see any Gypsies. There is no large Gypsy population in Lithuania!
  • “Driving in Lithuania is dangerous” – Where Wikitravel get this from?! I never heard foreigners saying that about Lithuania. One more nonsense – “pedestrian crossings are widely ignored”!  It is usual for drivers to stop and wait while people are walking pedestrian crossings. But for your own safety before stepping on the road make sure that a driver is not driving too fast and is going to stop… And roads in Lithuania are definitely better and wider than in other Baltic States! So driving is not dangerous in Lithuania! Of course there are some irresponsible drivers, but in general driving is safe!
Here are some tips what you should and should not do when you are visiting Lithuania:
  • Don’t keep all your money in one place! If you are going out take as much money as you need, but not all of them!
  • Don’t show your jewelries, expensive watches, cameras too much, especially if you are walking in remote places.
  • Lithuania is not a country where people keep doors unlocked! Always lock the doors. Always lock your car and don’t leave money and expensive things in a car, because thefts from cars are common in Lithuania!
  • Don’t walk alone at night! Don’t walk remote streets when it’s dark!
  • When you are in a bar or in a night club, always keep your wallet and other valuable things near yourself! Don’t leave things in your jacket pockets, don’t leave things on a table while you are dancing! Girls, never leave your purses unattended in bars and clubs!
If you follow these advices you will have a great time in Lithuania!


Theo said...

All these tips apply to any country that is considered safe to travel, anywhere in the world. I would add to carry your money in smaller denominations - stacks of large bills tend to attract undesired attention. Again, not unique for Lithuania but plain and simple common sense.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Lithuania just a week before. I would say Lithuania is more safe than Italy, France or Spain. Very nice roads, hotels and hostels are very good in there and people are very clam and gentle. Some people drink lot, so just open your eyes and avoid them. Nothing much to worry about Lithuania. Such an amazing country.